Wednesday, October 29

i remember back in the day

apparently i live in an apartment where we only use spoons. how do i know this? because whenever i go to reach for a spoon in the drawer, there are none. there's an abundance of forks and knives, but no spoons.

i went to go see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. mainly because Michael Cera is adorable. as a bonus, the movie was really good. predictably, Michael Cera was the perfect, lovable loser/dumpee. as a side note, in the movie he plays in a gay band, one of his bandmates who is Aaron Yoo, who i loved in Disturbia. and the yes, the story's a little predictable. however, aside from the occassional witty comments made by Kat Dennings and Michael Cera, the movie has 2 saving graces:

1. NEW YORK. the majority of the movie's spent driving around NYC and everywhere you look in the movie, you'll see something or somewhere you've been to. they go to Arlene's Grocery, Bowery Ballroom, Ultra Lounge, Grand Central Station, St. Marks, Veselka, and the list goes on and on and on. having always lived close to NYC (Jersey as a kid then Hoboken now Brooklyn) i love it when movies and shows do a good job showing real NYC locations instead of a set that "looks" like NYC. altho what would really make my day is being able to be on location at least once when they're filming these movies (i'd settle for being on location when they film Gossip Girl, as long as Chace Crawford or Penn Badgely were there-god i'm such a teeny bopper). however, the movie's not completely accurate; they make sacrifices for the continuity of the film.
for instance, all the characters are supposedly in high school, or at least Kat Dennings' character is. for sure, none of the characters are over 21. yet, they not only get into every bar and lounge they go to, but never once get carded. and while the movie tries to explain it away (Norahs' related to someone very famous), i just don't buy it. granted, i'm not famous at all, but i am 26 soon-to-be 27, and i get carded everywhere. and not just for booze. this aside, altho the characters are driving all over NYC, they never have problems finding parking outside of all the venues they go to. now that's just completely ridiculous. however, i didn't really notice this, the ppl i went to the movie with did. but it's a very true observation.

2. welcome back John Hughs! this movie really brought me back to the days of Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. yes, it's predictable but who cares? it's been a while since any one got the teen romance down without being cheesy (and without involving the names Zac Efron or Miley Cyrus-blech). the movie was was adorable and endearing the entire way. i definitely walked out on a cloud of "aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww".

lastly, there's a scene in the movie i want to discuss. there is one scene where the characters get it on. and i don't know what it means in this jaded and accelerated world we live in, but the camera pans away and all you hear is Kat Dennings moaning. i just assumed they'd had sex. so i found it totally unrealistic when the camera panned back to them and both he and her have their pants fully on. it wasn't until after the movie was over that Coleslaw clarified for me the obvious: that they didn't have sex. OOOHHHH.

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