Thursday, October 23

Welcome Whities

i'm so so hungry. i went on an eating rampage in the past 3 weeks and am now suffering for it to the point where (gasp) i must attempt to diet. since i know myself too well, i know that any extreme dieting isn't going to work (altho i do occassionally do the Mary-Kate diet or fast for a day or two. but even then i tend to cheat on those) and especially since i just went grocery shopping. a note on that: i'm totally addicted to grocery shopping and cooking. it's not that i want to eat all the food i make, i just really like making it. honestly, i only want to eat a bowl of whatever i make and then i'm over it. however, coming from an asian family where it's engrained in you to waste not, want not, i really can't justify not eating all of it. and then the fattening-up cycle continues. blech.

so the rules of the new diet is to keep a record of what i've eaten. i have a mini-notebook that DRC gave me which i'm using to restrict what i eat. for each day i can only fill up 3 lines in the notebook. don't worry tho, i'm very creative in how i fill up those 3 lines (my how my handwriting's become smaller and smaller-ok, not exactly but i can squeeze a lot on those 3 lines if i really want to). the 2nd rule is to not eat after 8 p.m. this was a fine rule until yesterday when i stopped by Egg's apartment and he offered me chocolate rugelah. i always see this ginormous box of raspberry and chocolate rugelah at Costco but never buy it b/c i only want to eat the chocolate ones. turns out She and i are a perfect match b/c she only wants to eat the raspberry ones! i ended up eating a rugelah before i realized it was 9:00 p.m. damn, i broke my rule. and then i proceeded to eat 2 more. after all, since i'd already broken the rule, might as well go all out. and then there's today, where i have class from 6-8 p.m. and i tend to eat lunch late around 2 or 3 p.m. the golden rule of dieting is that once you start breaking the rules, the diet's out the window. argh.

my love for food is exorbitant and knows no bounds. it's only matched by my love of free stuff. which is why i live for all the BLS fairs and events that offer free food and drinks. i think even after i graduate i'm gonna try to show up for the student orgs fair and the street fair BLS hosts. i haven't devised a plan as to how yet, but if i get to keep my old ID, i'm on it. the street fair this year was a little disappointing. there were the staples: barbecued brisket (always good), dippin' dots, the hot dog cart (this is what i look forward to the most. i never buy hot dogs off the street. i only eat hotdogs at barbecues,which are only available in the summer; baseball games; and the BLS street fair), popcorn and cotton candy. they decided to fancy it up this year with cheese fries, sliders and wings all buffet-style on fancy trays. however, i totally missed the mozzarella sticks and, if i remember correctly, there was sushi my 1st year. o well, it was all free so i'm not complaining.

the student orgs fair is more of a toss-up. tons of free stuff but not always food and drink. lots of candy but i don't have that crazy of a sweet tooth for candy (more for cakes). the staples tho are the Wine and Food Club, which always sets out free cheese and wine. yay! reminds me of college. and the Entertainment Club always sets out jello shots tho they're never solidified, but that makes it easier to drink. this year IALSA set out gelato (i think). it was yummy. what was a little disappointing was APALSA, and no i'm not being a traitor to my own student org, but they were making a poor showing.

first off, they had a crappy table placement. last year we were in a prime spot next to the Wine and Food Club (so lots of traffic b/c the table giving out free booze always gets the most ppl); but that's not their fault b/c SBA sets up where the tables go. secondly, APALSA officers weren't mingling. they were just hanging out at their table, chatting amongst themselves. you've got to engage people! lastly, and this is about APALSA in general this year, the club's much more clique-ish this year. yes, i understand, the student org's supposed to be targeted towards asians but the whole point is to be OPEN. plus, the more members, the better the funding from school. but nope, this year APALSA's only about the asians. poor DRC and Egg. DRC signed up on their mailing list and never receives anything from them. i think it's cause they saw her name and knew right away she wasn't asian. ok, that's not true. i really don't know why she wasn't added to the mailing list and i'm just making things up.

i'm still thinking of food so i'll add the recipe for Pork and Kimchi Dumplings (click the link). i made it a while ago since my grandparents were coming from Taiwan and i was in the mood to make something (see, i'm totally addicted to making food!). it was actually pretty good, altho i recommend not using cantonese-style dumpling skins because they are very thin so when i was cooking them it was very delicate and hard to pick up after steaming.

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