Thursday, August 21

Who Drinks on a Sunday? Apparently I Do

i am having an UG downward spiral: UglyGirl. i'm not saying this to fish for any compliments and i know i'm not the ugliest girl to walk the face of the earth (well at least i hope not). i guess it's just one of those phases everybody goes through. i mean, aside from Lockbox and Moon, i think everyone goes through it. it just seems that in my little posse, i really might be the UG. on 1 side i've got friends who are fending off overtures left and right and on the other side i've got friends who are accepting overtures left and right. and what am i doing while these friends are being bombarded w/come-on lines and flirting? i'm sitting on the side. drinking my drink. twiddling my thumbs. if you do see me chatting w/a boy, don't get it twisted: i'm either being told about some mad crush he has on some other girl, counseling him cause he's in a downward spiral (also about some other girl), or offering dating advice. pssh. as if i could be anyone's fountain of knowledge when it comes to that topic.

o well. hopefully the phase will pass soon enough. and in the meantime i'll learn to develop some other attractive attribute like personality, wit or intelligence. hmm, that seems like hard work. maybe i'll just try to become a better dancer instead.

self-pity fest aside, let's begin this catch-up entry. as is always the case, and i should know better, i had an insanely drunk Sunday. it started out as a relaxed drink at Trout w/DRC, you know, just a beer here, a bloody mary there. after all, it is Sunday i thought to myself. nah-ah. shortly our little 4-some turned into an 8-some and it was decided we would go to Zombie Hut for more drinks. this place is brutally lethal. and it doesn't help when Coleslaw starts off drinking Zombie Bowls. that stuff just goes down like water but contains enough alcohol to knock out a sailor (ok, that may be an exaggeration but it can't be that far off). see, the way Zombie Hut gets you is b/c all the drinks are super fruity and delicious while masking lethal doses of alcohol. i proceeded to share a Zombie Bowl w/Coleslaw (a 4-person Zombie Bowl we split btwn the 2 of us) and 2 Frozen Zombies (like frozen pina coladas but pink and containing a straight shot of rum hidden at the bottom). of course, no Brooklyn outting's complete w/o a stop at Brazen Head but at that point i couldn't even stand up. but i was still a champ b/c i'm pretty sure i stayed for at least a PBR. although i'm not so sure...

safe to say, i didn't make it to work that Monday.

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