Tuesday, August 5

i'm going to burst!

OMG i'm so full right now. but it was totally worth it.

after a nightmare day of Bar/Bri MPRE review class-and it was truly a nightmare. it's just so inane watching a video for 4 hours, even with the 10 minute breaks and the easy, handy-dandy worksheets. it's the cheesy jokes and side-bar stories that make it more unbearable. you're already counting down the intrepid hours and then there are these stupid, corny jokes/stories that make you want to scream out "shut up and just get on w/the lecture!"

afterwards i was starving (the class is from 5:30 pm-9:30 pm) so Prez, Adidas and i went over to K-town for dinner at Seoul Garden. i've really been missing out on korean food this summer so the budaejigae was totally welcomed and delicious. then afterwards, to push myself even more, when Prez said he wanted to go to Pinkberry, which i also haven't eaten all summer, i just couldn't resist. yummy yummy except now i feel like throwing up.

interestingly enough, on the way home from the F train stop, i noticed a small craft service table set up and immediately snooped around the corner and noticed they were filming on the corner of Boerum Place and Livingston. i've been hearing spottings all summer about 1 of my favorite indulgences, Gossip Girl, filming around my neighborhood so i strained my neck to see if i could see anyone i recognized but alas, no Serena, Dan, Summer, Chuck or Nate in sight. sigh.

one day. o yes, one day.


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