Sunday, August 10

I Process Cholesterol Well in My Shoulder

argh... i've been attacked by bug bites. according to DRC, mosquitoes are attracted to individuals that process cholesterol well. i haven't actually verified this theory so i'm not sure, but apparently she saw something on tv about it. SantaClaus was in town visiting Coleslaw and i would never miss a chance to meet Coleslaw's dad and she wanted us to meet him too so we all went to Joya together for dinner. it's weird, i feel like i've been busy and social all summer but somehow i missed out on going to a Brooklyn staple like Joya since the summer started. weird. it was good to be back the place and i was starving by the time i got there so i went all out and ordered Summer Spring Rolls and Garlic Beef and Vegetables and i managed to eat it all (me and Cubed were the only ones who accomplished this feat). DRC picked at her fried rice (w/o egg-Coleslaw thinks this detracts from the whole point of fried rice but i must point out: not all asian fried rice contains egg. while most do, there are very delicious ones that don't), Egg always has a diet-conscious appetite and Santa, unfortunately, didn't like his dish (it was some special involving scallops and shrimp i believe and i don't know why he didn't like it but he definitely did not). what i did enjoy was the LARGE order of calamari he ordered as an app. when Joya says large, they really mean large! and it's not just the portion but the pieces of fried calamari were also pretty big. i don't remember ever seeing this app option on the menu but i will definitely be ordering it next time. it was delish. however, my right shoulder got 5 bites on it and my left shoulder had 1 bite on it from mosquitoes. Cubed pointed out that apparently my right shoulder must process cholesterol very well. who knows?

but i digress by focusing on the food. the whole point was to meet Santa! and they mythical figure did not disappoint. he's hilarious and entertaining and obviously related to Coleslaw. anyone who's met my parents will understand that distinct "parental" feel that meeting some people's parents have. w/those, there's always a distinct, no-matter-what-age-you-are-you're-always-the-child-and-they're-the-adult feeling but that was definitely not the case w/Santa. i mean, he even sang I'm a Little Teapot for us (which was an adorable childhood story but Egg's "my parents told me i was an alien" tops it).

it worked out pretty well for me that Santa was in town b/c i got to do some stuff that i should've done when i moved to Brooklyn 2 yrs ago. for instance, i finally went to Grimaldi's. yes, i've lived in Brooklyn only 20 mins from Grimaldi's but never went. yes, it's very sacriligious but now it's been rectified. we went on a Monday night but it seems that w/the nice weather and the summer winding down, everyone and their mother was there that night. we had to wait for an hour on line just to eat and while yes, the pizza was very good, we wolfed it down w/in 15 mins of it arriving (there were 5 of us and we finished 2 pies). it did cause me to wonder a little, is it so good b/c you've been thinking about it for an hour while waiting on line and slowly getting more and more starved or is it that it's actually that delicious? the jury's still out on that question for me and i think the only way for me to reach a definitive conclusion would be to go back and try it all again. or maybe i'm just looking for an excuse to go back...

after Grimaldi's we headed over for a drink at Pier 1. this place just opened up this summer and i'd never been but the view is gorgeous at night and there's even a man-made sandbox (bigger than it sounds). it was adorable to see the kids playing in it, although Coleslaw was astute in observing that the kids were just building sandcastles so they could destroy them (which they promptly did). ah kids...Pimento had hyped up the s'mores served at Pier 1 and DRC and i were craving sweets so we ordered 1 single order to be split ($4 for 2 s'mores). it wasn't that good. the way they make it is to construct a s'more and wrap it in aluminum foil and put it over the stove to cook. that ends up burning the bottom of the s'more but leaving the marshmallow and everything on top not cooked/melted at all which deprives the whole point of the s'more! Pimento was sufficiently outraged that he went back and demanded they rectify the situation (and this was after he already made them mad when initially ordering the s'more). his 2nd order came out better but we were all guessing it might've tasted better b/c of some secret spit ingredient they put in.

did anyone see the string of celebrity deaths that have been going on? 1st Bernie Mac and now Isaac Hayes? what is going on? and as i've said, bad things always come in 3s...

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