Sunday, August 24

i cherish these moments

there's a girl in my Labor Law class that i can see out of the corner of my eye who seems to have a permanent frown on her face. she'd be more than decent looking if it wasn't for that perpetual sourpuss expression. such a turn off.

anyways, if you've never done it before, you must go to Brooklyn Bridge Park and attend Movies in the Park. altho i'd been invited before, i never went until this past summer and only b/c they were playing 1 of my favorite movies, Stand By Me. it's been a few years since i've seen it and then to see it again for the 1st time at BBP was amazing. the movie itself's amazing and brings back rushes of nostalgia and then to get to watch it outdoors w/the Brooklyn Bridge behind the movie screen is pretty impressive.

initially i had a whole crew showing up to watch the movie but as the day approached (as always) ppl started falling through left and right. but that didn't stop Kiks from bringing the most amazing picnic spread i'd ever seen for what ended up being the 2 of us: cheese, potato salad, chips and salsa, veggies and dip. the highlight was the fudgey home-made brownies. according to Tiffany, the brownies were the equivalent of Carebear kisses. the sprinkles on them really did make them look like it. the only thing i contributed was a bottle of wine and a couscous salad. it was an exorbitant amt of food and luckily Coleslaw, Snoopy and Kik's new man ended up joining us later to help out.
Kiks and i were there around 6:00 pm altho the movie never starts until after it gets dark which meant around 8:00 pm. as the sun went down you could easily see the lights from the Brooklyn Bridge and the park lawn slowly got filled. when you're watching the movie in this kind of setting, depending on who you're there w/, it can either be really romantic or, if you're w/friends, especially watching a movie like this, it feels like 1 of those precious and memorable moments, sort of akin to what's going on in the movie.

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