Friday, August 24

welcome newbies!

yesterday was my first day back to school: i am officially a 2L. this means i only have 2 more years of school, then i have to take the bar exam, and then (if i pass) i'll be a full-fledged lawyer! hmm...even i'm too tired right now to get excited about that statement.

about a week ago all the 1Ls started to move in. i immediately got nostalgic as i watched them pull up in front of Feil Hall w/their parents and start unpacking all their stuff. even tho it was a year ago, watching them i felt like it had just happened to me. and they're all so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about it all. it's adorable and at the same time i just want to turn them around and tell them to get out while they can.

a co-worker, who also graduated from BLS, had told me that you can always tell 1Ls apart from the 2Ls and 3Ls. aside from the fact that they're an unfamiliar face, they're also the only ppl who randomly say "hi" to strangers. i thought he was lying but i was doing laundry last week and got in the elevator w/2 girls. as we're passing the 3 minutes to travel from the 16th floor to the lobby, 1 of the girls turned to me and asks, "so, are you a 1L?" and it was said so patronizingly i just instinctively believed it had to be a 2L or 3L trying to be friendly but in a condescending way (they always do this. when they want to befriend a 1L they talk to them as if they're a baby or a puppy. it's unavoidable). so i curtly replied "nope". i asked them what year they were and when they told me 1L i couldn't help but go "oh". but let me tell the truth. what i actually said was:


i swear it was that long. and by the time i'd finished we were at the lobby and they hopped out. i did not make a good impression.

i also had my first
APALSA meeting last week. i haven't been a member of an organization or had board meetings in so long. it was fun to just see some ppl who haven't been around this summer and also think about the things APALSA's going to accomplish this year, but it was also annoying how long the meeting took b/c we would run off in tangents repeatedly.

lastly, i had my 1st full day of classes yesterday. i have to admit, my class schedule this semester kicks ass. 5 day weekends with 3 classes on tuesday and thursday and 1 evening class on wednesday. so i got to preview 3 of my professors yesterday and i have to admit, so far so good. Karmel is adorable and she posts outlines for each class on-line which helps so much b/c then i just copy and paste them to my Word doc and take notes in class (a little trick i learned from Egg but it really works). Pitler is hilarious b/c he walked into class and then proceeded to tell us he forgot his notes in his office and you could see he was debating whether to go and get them or just wing it. he decided to wing it for 5 mins before he adjourned himself to go get them. content-wise, Evidence isn't proving itself to be a nail-biter yet, but it was only the 1st day. and if i think Evidence is gonna be a yawn, Federal Income Taxation might just put me into a coma. it's all numbers and tax expenditure and standard of living charts. *yawn*

on the biggest plus side, my seats in each class are pretty good and i happen to be sitting next to some random ppl who have been really nice so far.

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