Saturday, August 25

the Debs 411

i recently had dinner w/Debs for our monthly touching base. we went to Republic, which i haven't been to in a while but that Debs hasn't been to since O and Cha went to NYU. i think we were still in high school at the time.

it was raining pretty badly that night and i was pretty exhausted from an entire weekend of karaoking but i always have time for Debs. we've known each other since we were babies after all. in retrospect Republic may not have been the perfect place to go for someone w/a hoarse throat. it wasn't until we sat down that i realized how loud it is in that place.

i'd originally tried to get a hot toddy to calm the throat but they didn't have any, tho how that's possible is always beyond me (who doesn't have whisky, hot water, lemon and brown sugar?). so instead i got hot sake. we split calamari skewers to start (really good except that they don't slice up the squid before-hand so it's difficult to eat an entire skewer at once). i got grilled salmon as an entree and she had noodle-soup, something w/coconut in it. b/c Debs claimed this was going to be her last meal (she was going to start eating healthier) we even got dessert: black sesame ice cream and a chocolate cake.

during dinner Debs filled me in on all the stuff that's been going on w/her. it seems like she's really at a crossroads in her life trying to figure out what to do. after meeting the Twins, i realized what it feels like to be an older sister figure (yes, i have a younger sister so technically i do know what it's like-it's just i've never really felt that about anyone aside from family) and i'd never considered Debs as younger than me (not really anyways). i think w/Debs it comes and goes. sometimes we're peers and i think of her as close enough to be family then other times i feel like the older sister giving advice and listening to a younger sibling.

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