Sunday, August 5

so hungover it hurts

so last Tuesday i randomly met up w/Pinky who i haven't seen for over a year for drinks at Forum. poor Pinky had texted me around 8 p.m. to see if i wanted to meet him since he was already there having drinks w/friends but they were taking off. i was a little indecisive but then said sure and got ready, which took a while and i got side-tracked. i finally made it to Forum around 10 p.m. poor poor Pinky.

since i wasn't sure if Pinky was going to stay b/c i'd taken so long, i called Pal since she lives in the Union Square area as well. luckily she was at Heartland Brewery so i told her where i was going and we'd keep in touch to see who finished up first. when i got to Forum Pinky was chatting up a cute lady sitting next to him at the bar. turns out she works for Saks and Pinky's always networking, not that he has any probs chatting and being social when he goes out. i ordered a drink and Pinky ordered another vodka and redbull. this is how i knew he'd been waiting and drinking for a while: the bartender comped him his drinks, and later, comped him 4 shots of Petron.

Pinky and i caught up, which was good b/c i don't know that much about him in the 1st place. did i mention that he's the owner of pinkyotto? when we'd met about a year ago, he was in such a party mood in his life. he travelled Asia and has been back for months and he seems to have mellowed out a lot. it was fun. later Pal and her friend came and met up w/us and that's when the Petron shots came flying out. afterwards we headed towards Pianos but for some reason we ended up not staying/going in and headed somewhere a block away instead. so the night gets a little hazy from there and i hadn't eaten dinner so....yea. i was smart enough to pour myself into a cab around 2 am but i suffered horribly for the next day+

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