Monday, August 13

day at the beach

sometimes life is so surreal. there are always these random "Dynasty" moments that pop up in my life, and then it's all back to normal life again.
but that's neither here nor there, and irrelevant to this posting. well, mostly irrelevant anyway.

so since summer's dwindling down and school's about to start, it was a good time to go to the beach (sadly NYC's not really a beach city. it never really occurs to anyone that it's even possible). after a hilarious mass email chain, Stitch and i went w/a bunch of friends to Jones Beach. i've never actually been to Jones Beach but, being a Jersey girl, have heard lots about it on the radio (thank you Z100 and KTU). i and an-individual-who-chooses-to-remain-nameless (we'll call him Anonymous) took the LIRR on the Port Washington line to go meet Stitch and her friends in Manhasset. there we were, chatting away, when all of a sudden we looked up and we were in Port Washington. we'd missed our stop! so i called Stitch and it was arranged that she and the Twins (not to be confused w/the evil Bobsey Twins or a reference to Stitch's boobs) would come and pick us up in Port Washington.

so we wandered around Main Street and it reminded me so much of being back at Smith wandering around Northampton during my college days. there's really only 1 main street and it's not that long. eventually we got to a supermarket and decided to duck in and pick up some snacks. as soon as we walked in it was like heaven on earth. after living in Brooklyn for the past year i've forgotten how luxurious a real supermarket is: the multitude of options, the cheaper prices, the fact that everything you could want is under 1 roof. we just kept wandering up and down the aisles in total bliss and lamenting the fact that NYC doesn't have anything even close to it.

eventually Stitch came and got us and i met the Twins for the 1st time. initially, nobody had told me they were twins, and since 1 was sitting in the front seat and 1 in the back, i didn't really think they were twins. it was only once we got to the beach that i realized they were twins. when you see them together you can't help but notice they're obviously very similar looking but it really hit me they were twins when i mixed up who was who later that night. anyways, Jones Beach was pretty quiet that Saturday so there was plenty of room close to the water and not too many annoyances/distractions, except we had the misfortune of sitting next to teeny boppers who wouldn't shut up about throwing each other into the water and abercrombie & fitch bathing suits. it was very annoying.

i took full advantage of tanning by using SPF 4 tanning oil. Casper did the same since everyone was poking fun at him for being so white. ultimately he and i got burnt, although he was severely burnt and peeling just a day later. the only place i peeled was my face which happened to be the only place i didn't put on suntan lotion (i know, i know, bad bad girl).
later on, Gohm chastised me for wearing a bikini instead of a granny swimsuit to the beach. i mean, really...

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