Thursday, July 27

perpetual +1

i mean to write this the day after but i've been extremely tired since.

so on tuesday i got to be Debs' +1 for the first time. it was to a Wall Street Journal weekend edition event that she usually goes to for work. the weather was nice so they had it on the rooftop of Thompson Hotel at A60. it was pretty fun b/c Debs didn't have to actually socialize or mingle for work so she and I just chatted and caught up on all the stuff we've missed since her bday party at Prey. plus, while small, A60 is pretty nice and considering its a members only rooftop lounge, that makes it even better. i got to go somewhere no one else gets to go (unless they stay at the hotel). we spent the time drinking peach mojitos (very yummy) and eating the thai food they had catered. the veggie pad thai and beef salad were "eh" but the tuna tartar and grilled sea bass were delish. and all in a convenient "pop-it-in-your-mouth" size.

afterwards i rushed to the upper east side to meet Erma for dinner at Cafe Mingala. it's a burmese restaurant which i'd never been to. i admit i'm not a foodie of any kind, and if this offends, my bad, but it seemed to me that burmese bascially meant "mix of thai and chinese". either way, it's not like i minded. since i'd eaten so much at the party i didn't really order much except for the Mango Chicken but that was very yummy. Erma's Man ordered Mango Beef and she got some Phet-Hotke (they look like dumplings and come in a ceramic pot/bowl). overall a good choice and very affordable ($10 average per entree) and the ppl were nice.

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