Thursday, July 13


i thought i would have something exciting to write about since yesterday was Debs' Wall Street party, but due to the crazy torrential downpour that occured yesterday around 5 pm, both Debs and i decided to bail on going. instead i went back to Gohm's and we had dinner at KO Sushi w/Chow & Tina.

i learned that Gohm is no-holds-barred when it comes to sushi. he and i each ordered an appetizer (he liked my Usuzukuri better and who can blame him?) and then he ordered the Sushi & Sashimi for two. that entree was ginormous. i never knew it but it turns out you can hit a sushi wall, which he and i promptly hit. we'd even passed a few pieces off to Tina and were still struggling. my stomach's never ached from eating Japanese but i was definitely hurting by the end of this meal. of course it looked much worse when Chow & Tina ordered the Spicy Maki Combo (3 maki rolls) and a Beef Negimaki bento box to share. it was even more worse when, after eating their Spicy Maki Combo they claimed they were full.

to make it up to me for not going to the party, Debs & i had lunch to New York Luncheonette in midtown today. she has drama going on w/her long-term boy (space) friend. we had a good dish about what's been going on and discussed her bday party this Saturday. my favorite part tho, was when we started to pick the fries off each other's plates. i like that this has never changed. ever since we were little we've had the exact opposite tastes in fries. she likes the mushy ones whereas i like the crunchy ones. we make the perfect team for finishing off a plate of fries. Mutual symbiosis.

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