Monday, July 24


i think that Gohm & i have made the relative rounds for each other's friends at this point.

on friday Nells & i met for dinner at Tropica in the lobby of the Metlife building. we ate from the Restaurant Week menu and overall i've got to say the food was pretty good. my shrimp ravioli was better than her lobster spring roll but her skirt steak entree was more memorable than mine (b/c i can't even remember it now but it's different from what they have posted on their website). the desserts were "eh" but their mango mojito was yummy.

afterwards we went to Proof w/Gohm & Chow for one of their friend's parties. i can't say much for the place since the party we went to was located downstairs, which is kind of narrow and dingy. they also charge cover which always annoys the shit out of me, particularly when the place isn't a club. friday night is ladies night before 12 am and it's $5 cover for 5 free drinks of white wine, hypnotiq or champagne and the bartenders are very liberal w/whether they punch your drink card or not. i couldn't really drink too much b/c of the giant dinner Nells & i had so it wasn't a particularly crazy night. however Nells did get into an altercation w/ a completely obnoxious guy. he spilled a girl's drink on Nells (and not just a little, but her whole drink). he didn't say anything until Nells approached the girl who then promptly blamed it on the guy. he (barely) apologized and tried to laugh it off. any classy guy who does that will offer to buy the girl a drink. when Nells implied this, he became more of an asshole. he claimed he would buy her a new shirt, but not a drink (which is such an empty offer considering when was she ever gonna see him again?). then he had the nerve to ask where she was from (implying she's a B&T girl and thus is only after getting free drinks from guys). i swear, at the end of this conversation i was ready to kick him in the nuts.

we spend saturday playing Scene-It (in which i massacred Chow) and that night i went out w/Gohm & his boys for drinking at Players followed by more drinking & food at Gahm Mi Oak. Chow & Gohm get housed by the 2 bottles of Johnnie Walker they and their boys get followed by lots of Baek Saeju and Soju mixed together.

sunday is basically spent w/Gohm and Chow dying.

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