Wednesday, August 2

bling bling

ok i've been boring lately so i haven't had much to say. instead, i'll discuss how one of my attorneys treated me to a night of awesome wine drinking at Divine Bar East.

some time last week, i was getting ready to meet Gohm for some dinner after work. i suggested we go to Divine Bar East since i wasn't that hungry but was plenty thirsty (as i always am). one the attorneys i work for is a wine afficianado so i printed out the list and asked him to make some suggestions that were in my budget. after perusing the menu he outlined a strategy for drinking but suggested i go for a Jonathon Phelps Insignia Cabernet.

the bottle was from the reserve list. the bottle was pricey. the bottle was $145.

i completely balked saying there was no way i was going to buy a bottle of wine for $145. so he kindly offered to buy it for me saying that the price of the wine was too good a deal to pass up.

it was a very good bottle of red.

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