Tuesday, July 18

Tribeca Grill

my mom's been complaining about how fat i'm getting again.

and fair dues b/c i've definitely been eating a lot more lately. went home to west caldwell on friday to take the grandparents to JFK airport for their flight back to taipei, as every filial granddaughter should do in an Asian family. was once again dutiful on Saturday by going to the driving range w/the dads in the morning and then taking moms to the her first mani & pedi in the afternoon. my mom getting a pedi was hilarious. she was so squirmish at having someone else touch her feet.

Saturday night was Debs' bday party at Prey. the place is as i remember it. nothing special but a fun place to hang out w/friends which Debs had in abundance. Spoon & i got there first, even before Debs. we huddled up in the corner and watched the guests stream in. i ended up seeing a lot of ppl that i hadn't seen in a long time. all of Debs' cousins showed up, which was great b/c i hadn't seen them all together in a while, prob not since i was pre-pubescent. Bear showed up and we got to catch up (briefly), along w/his best friend Aaron who i haven't seen since sophomore year of college. Then there was the Boston contingent which consisted of Debs' roommates and friends from Tufts. overall it was a good time and i had fun chatting w/all the old friends.

Sunday went to dinner w/Gohm at this really good Mexican place called Cilantro. neither of us had been there before and had actually intended on going to Saigon Grill, but it was closed. i had a really good grilled swordfish w/cilantro (of course) rice. Gohm got a glass of sangria which they serve in 16 oz. glasses. at the end of the meal Gohm claimed he was pretty buzzed from the one glass.

last night i went to Tribeca Grill for Restaurant Week (see previous entry) w/Bubs & Kiks. so so so good. they have a really good menu for Restaurant Week and b/c Aaron is a waiter there (which was a coincidence i found out on Saturday night) he gave us a little hook-up. we all ordered different apps and they were all really good. however, if given another chance i would probably order Kiks' heirloom tomato salad (it's so much yummier than it sounds) or Bubs' duck leg confit (it was a ginormous piece of leg. so much yummy fatty dark meat!). we all ordered the same entree of wild sea bass which was ok. both Kiks & i got this chocolate hazelnut peanut butter cake dessert thing. so damn good. Bubs decided to be adventurous w/coconut flan but it tasted a little weird. not bad, but not like flan either.

it's been a little bit of a food fest lately and it won't be stopping either. supposed to be going to EN Japanese Brasserie tonight w/Pal (although she potentially has mono & considering that EN is a family-style type of restaurant this could pose a problem).