Tuesday, July 11

sick as a dog

Starting Sunday i've been sick as a dog. My throat's been all swollen and i had a serious on-going fever for 2 days. totally sucked and it was all Gohm's fault.

i should've known i was getting sick. i kept waking up in the mornings w/a really sore neck and shoulders. i kept attributing it to sleeping at Gohm's place all the time w/his new bed and all. my throat was a little sore but i figured it was b/c i was smoking more b/c of Gohm & his friends (who are like chimneys. must make a concerted effort to refrain when w/them).

friday night i went to Divine Bar East w/Kiks (one of my favorite wine bars). We ordered a bottle of white and some mussels and artichoke & parmesan dip to munch on. the food was really good and the portions were huge considering they were supposed to be tapas. i should've known i wasn't feeling up to par though b/c i barely drank the wine. and when we met up w/Gohm afterwards at Maz Mezcal i opted for a beer as opposed to the sangria (which i heard is very yummy). when Gohm & i went home i promptly passed out although it was only about 11:30 or 12 at the time.

on sunday was when the illness really struck. i got ready to watch the World Cup championship game at Gohm's and felt myself get all flush w/fever. after that it was all downhill. tried desperately to stay awake through the entire game but missed the best part when Zidane got red carded and then Italy won through penalty kicks. still excited though cause i knew they were gonna win.

called into work on Monday cause i was still fevering it but got better in time to go eat Smith & Wollensky w/Bubs & Kiks at 8 pm. there's always something about steak and rich desserts that can make me feel better. while the service was a little "eh" and the steak was good but not great, the dessert was definitely the best part.

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