Saturday, August 27

AGAIN with the dream?

as i've mentioned before, i get really disturbed when i have dreams about real people. don't ask me why, i really couldn't tell you. and it disturbs me more when it's people that i know in real life, but haven't seen in years. it's even more disturbing when it's someone i know in real life, haven't seen in years, and wasn't that close with to begin with.

because then i feel like a creeper.

a week ago, i had a really weird dream about a boy i went to high school with, let's call him MitsubishiG, and a girl i went to high school with, let's call her Tulip. MitsubishiG and Tulip were both a year older than me and had dated on-again-and-off-again in high school. they were the quintessential suburban-high-school-prom-king-prom-queen-footballer-cheerleader couple.  i was briefly friends with MitsubishiG when i was freshman and he dated my friend for a few weeks but that ended when they broke up. after that, we never really travelled in the same circles again. 

so here's what happened in my dream (from what i can remember): MitsubishiG and Tulip were married and had become C-list celebrities on a trashy reality show.  they were a completely white-trash couple doing awful things for viewership and ratings. and the last thing i remember was they were getting renewed for a 2nd season and were releasing a sex tape.

weird, right? and not very nice either.

i can guess why i dreamed up the reality show part of it, because i'm pretty sure the last thing i'd watched on tv that night was the Jersey Shore.  but it doesn't explain why i dreamed about these particular people. in fact, until that dream, i hadn't heard their names mentioned since college, if even then!

what also bothered me was why i dreamed that they were married. so of course, i spent a good 15 minutes facebooking and googling their names.  as it turns out, MitsubishiG doesn't have a facebook page (there are still people like this out there? crazy).  but Tulip has one.

and guess what? her name's no longer Tulip. it's Mrs. MitsubishiG.

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whoa. you're the chosen one.