Tuesday, August 9

Male Minded

ok, no joke, i seriously love this blog. yes, he's only 18  years old. but clearly smarter than half of the boys i've encountered in my life. or maybe he's just more naive. but either way, me likes it.

i definitely really relate to some of his posts. so, for the following, all credit to Jeremiah and all his hard work, with a little bit of me sprinkled into it.

i get called out all the time about this. yes, i refer to all of the male species as boys. and apparently, i'm not wrong. i'm glad to finally be vindicated!

this is a serious issue i have with some boys. ok, i get it. boys don't bitch as often. you guys are "he-men, womenhaters" (Lil' Rascals reference for those of you that got it) blah blah blah. i guess i'm just not as "strong" as you. and i like to talk about what's bothering me instead of just punching someone in the face or never speaking to them again. so why don't you just listen? or pretend to listen? and i mean you Gohm and OHenry.

this one's the reason i found Jeremiah's blog because Kiddo shared it on FB. and i laughed out loud when i read it because i know so many people who do this. and i might even do it myself though not often because i'm too lazy to type all those "y"s. but even when i'm too lazy to type the extra "y"s, in my head it still sounds like "heyyyy."

these i just like because they're cute. i'm a horrible texter unless it's an emergency or imperative to respond right away (like when you're coordinating meeting someone) so i don't think they really apply to me.

anyways, go check out his blog. since it's tumblr-form it's an easy read and if you don't enjoy it, then you can't be my friend. because i probably wouldn't like you anyways.


jeremiah said...

HEY guess what im jeremiah. i found this when i google my site. thanks :)

tma said...

hi jeremiah. obviously i'm a fan and have been spreading the word. never thought you'd end up here because of it :) this is 1 out of a handful of times where someone/something i wrote about commented back. ah, the power of a blog ;)

good luck with school and hope you'll keep up with the tumblr!