Monday, July 28

and then it was all over

do you know how addicted i am to that So You Think You Can Dance video? everytime i come upon my blog i just have to watch it at least once. it's just too good.
yes, i'm hopelessly behind on trying to keep this thing updated. it's just been a very blah period for me and i just can't seem to get myself motivated. i hope this funk doesn't last too long. i'm too young to be going through mid-life crisis already...

the revelry and summer antics began once law school finished up in mid-May. as soon as finals was over, Senior Week began. as i learned, Senior Week=drunken revelry. the finals party was at ReBar in DUMBO. from what i can remember, the place is pretty nice (trendy, dark and loungey), except when it gets packed it's practically impossible to get drinks and the drinks are pretty pricey for any Brooklyn bar i've ever been to. i think it was the pre-gaming before the Finals Party that got me in trouble altho all i drank was beer and didn't even participate in flip cup and i'm pretty sure i only had 2 or 3 drinks (altho ReBar does make them heavy-handed on the alcohol FYI). for whatever reason, i got trashed. in about half the pics i post here from that night i'm admitting now that i don't remember taking them. and sadly, i lost my jacket that night, which i've only owned for about 5 months (at the time). so sad. tho it led to something funny happening later: i wanted to step outside for some air but didn't have a jacket and it was still pretty cold at the time so Adidas lent me his. i stumbled outside and ran into Buddy who had been drinking around the corner and somehow convinced me it was time to go home. i later found out that Buddy was so wasted that he had passed out at the bar around the corner. anyways, Buddy hailed a cab and was grabbing my arm and pulling me into it (tho i was so drunk it wasn't that hard). anyways, i wake up the next morning and noticed i went home wearing Adidas' jacket. luckily he lives in my building so it wasn't that bed. i bent over to pick it up and realized something else: Adidas' wallet was still in his jacket. i checked my phone and there was a bajillion calls from Adidas, Egg and DRC who i'd walked out on w/o saying bye or letting them know i'd left. needless to say i profusely apologized to Adidas and Egg, altho it turned out it wasn't as necessary to DRC b/c she was also pretty drunk and got into her own hijinx (and it's accompanying scandal but let's leave that alone since it's so over and done w/).
a few days later was a going-away party at M1-5 which was another drinking fest altho way more dramatic and i completely wreaked havoc on my body. point of fact: you should stop drinking when the sun comes up. i didn't heed this advice and was up drinking until 7 am and then woke up at 11:30 am to go to the Mets game w/DRC and the rest of BLS. it was a nightmare riding the 7 train to Shea Stadium and (of course) the seats were very high up and you can imagine how fun that dizzying climb was while i was super hungover. i was so pissed i was in such bad shape that i couldn't eat any stadium food e.g. hotdogs and beer. and poor DRC could tell i was suffering on the subway ride back to Brooklyn. i'm pretty sure i even announced at some point that i just wanted to throw up-not a smar thing to do on the subway.

the week consisted of birthday parties and meeting up w/friends for more drinks and by the end i was burnt out but what a way to go.

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