Monday, September 25

Family-style w/family (part 2)

Ok, i swear i'm going to finish up the previous post but i've just got to comment on this before i do...

it seems that one of the Bobsey twins (what i call the 2 white roommates i live w/ and no i'm not racist that just happens to be how my apartment split up: me and Wifey (the Asian contingency) and the Bobsey twins) got a call from her crush. based on the amount of shrieking and constant talking that's ensued you'd think she got asked out by the President or something (roll your eyes w/me. you know you want to). i'm not usually home on weekend nights but i was unfortunate enough to be here on thursday b/c i hadn't been feeling well and i realized that this is what the Bobsey twins are obsessed about: BOYS. that's it really. there's nothing else. i mean, sure they go to class but i've never heard them talk about anything else. and every weekend night is about getting dressed up in your NY best to have boys buy them drinks or to hook the 1 they happen to be crushing on for that day. jesus christ i'm in 6th grade again.

ok, rant's over so now i can talk about something pleasant.

i had the fortune of eating an amazing dinner w/what i've come to see as my little family away from family which consists of Gohm, Chow and Tina. i seem to always be spending my weekends w/them as a whole. we spent Sunday playing Cranium and then headed to dinner at Tony's. OMG i love this place. the portions are huge (always good) and i thought the service was great. the gist of the portions is obviously to be eaten family-style (but there's no shame if you finish a portion to yourself. i'd be impressed). there were 4 of us and we ordered a house salad, chicken scarpiello, rigatoni w/mushroom and vodka sauce and a nice bottle of red. all this was a lot of food and more than enough to feed us WITH leftovers. however, Gohm, lamenting his inability to drink (he was sick and on meds) was persistent in ordering dessert (which i have no problem w/). so i got coffee, Chow got McKellan's 12-year and we ordered a cheesecake and a sundae. the cheesecake was so perfect, not overkill cheesecake creamy but just perfect and the sundae was vanilla on top of crumbled chocolate oreo drizzled w/hot fudge. and they have the densest whip cream to go w/both. i have to say, that's prob 1 of the best dinners i've had in the last month.

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