Friday, September 8

my subway

i was on the 2 train yesterday and noticed that someone had carved the name "TINA" on the ledge above the seat. how coincidental that i was riding in that car at that very moment.

so school's been...interesting. my roommate is hilarious. Wifey and i went to an AALSA social meeting last week sponsored by Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP at Palmira's. The food was pretty good, particularly these breaded balls w/macaroni in them. so good. the event was fun, made some new friends, 1 of which is a fellow Smithie. there's something about going to Smith that creates this instant bond.

Wifey got so drunk. the event had free food and wine and beer so we were all drinking chardonnay. Wifey doesn't have a high tolerance anyways so by the time we left, she was rocked. we walked home w/some fellow BLSers and when we got to Joralemon Street, we turned around and Wifey had disappeared. we walked backwards and found her cautiously crossing the street. the man next to her kindly advised us that she had just fallen! Wifey was hilarious. she kept thanking us for coming back for her. it turns out that she had slowly been walking towards the right until she fell and then had to hold onto a parking meter for dear life. we each flanked a side of her to keep her upright and got her back to the apartment in 1 piece where she promptly passed out.

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