Monday, September 18

Family-style with family (part 1)

oh god, i've eaten so much food this weekend...

went to Kenka on St. Marks for dinner w/Debs which was so so good. It was great to see Debs and have the chance to talk w/her about everything that's been going on w/her and w/me. turns out i've been missing a lot. Debs will be moving out of her Chelsea apartment in about 2 weeks and be (temporarily i hope) heading back to our hometown in Jersey until she finds an affordable and decent living arrangement. she had some promising callbacks that night so i'm crossing my fingers that she won't even have to make the temporary transition to Jersey. Anyways, the whole name of the restaurant is Taishu-Izakaya Kenka but that's a mouthful so i just refer to it as Kenka. I actually really really like this place. It's a little loud and rambunctious but that just made me more relaxed about the whole thing. Debs and i were starving so we ordered a sashimi appetizer, french fries (at Debs' request), fried garlic (also Debs' request, but it definitely hit the spot, and luckily we would not be kissing each other at the end of the night. i was informed by Debs that in Japan they always eat fried garlic in the fall/winter time to strengthen their immune system in light of the colder weather. smart ppl those Japanese) and agedoshi tofu (the tofu inside was so yum and still moist. one of the better versions i've tried). Debs got an oyako don entree while i went for the curry rice. we both enjoyed ours and were satiated at the end of the meal w/o being uncomfortable. and the whole bill, including my beer, was $42 w/tip. i love this place.

a couple of things to know before going: the chairs look ridiculously small, but don't worry, they'll hold you (unless you're ginormous. i wonder what they do then). also, the small containers w/pink crystals in them given at the end of the meal is for the cotton candy machine in the front of the restaurant. Debs and i did not know that, and while i did not particularly want it, Debs lamented the fact that we didn't get to make our own cotton candy. however, don't fret too badly for her b/c we got soft serve from the Automaton on St. Marks and while it wreaked havoc on Debs' lacto-intolerant tummy, i quite enjoyed it.

went again to Yura for brunch w/Gohm. i got a delish omelette w/havarti, tomatoes and mushrooms. YUM YUM. it came w/their delicious cornbread and mashed potatoes. Gohm unfortunately, did not heed my previous raves about the bread pudding french toast and instead went w/the banana french toast. he was very impressed by the banana inside the french toast but other than that the whole thing was a little sweet. also saw Little Miss Sunshine this weekend (thanks again Debs!). the movie was touching and inappropriately hilarious at the same time. if you like that combo then check it out. hung out at the Heartland Brewery after the movie where i munched out more than i should have. did i mention that Gohm and i had dinner at Jackson Hole? i think i ate a heart attack in that single meal, but (secretly) it was worth it. however, i could live w/o all the screaming kids running around the restaurant but i guess it's a small price to pay, particularly if you sit outside.

ok, i haven't even gotten to the piece de resistance of all this food talk but am exhausted and blogger's being a bitch by not letting me put up pics...another time.

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