Tuesday, October 10

Goblin Market

so around the middle of September i got an invite from my old boss to check out his new restaurant, Goblin Market. never been asked to a restaurant opening so of course i said yes and asked Gohm to be my date (who else would i ask?)

my old boss has impeccable taste in wine (refer to previous entry regarding Divine Bar if you doubt me) and they had a pretty well-stocked bar. the space is small but nice, particularly when the weather was so fall and lovely plus the location is pretty key smack dab in Soho. i pretty much drank the night away but the few pieces of food i did try were all good. i have to remember to head there and have a proper dinner.

as all you Smithies know, Goblin Market is a Christina Rossetti poem, which is a poet i actually liked studying back in the day. anyways, i had a great time at the opening and prob had one of my better dates w/Gohm.

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