Saturday, September 2


i'd been doing some serious blubbering earlier this week so my good friend Bubs and Kiks decided to go out w/me to forget my woes. i love them...

since i now reside in Brooklyn, Bubs & i met up at Ini Ani. ok, so this isn't the most hopping place on the lower east side. i'm sure that Schiller's Liquor Bar or Verlaine would definitely be a more "it" place to be, but i really liked this place. it was quiet, which was perfect for Bubs & i to chat. they do a nice happy hour deal of 20% off any bottle of wine from 5-8 pm and $15 caraffes of sangria. Bubs and i opted for a nice bottle of pinot noir and happily chatted away while we waited for Kiks. eventually we got food and it was really good. perfect finger food for wine. there was a delish smoked salmon platter and some yummy prosciutto bruschetta (i was craving the salmon & Bubs had been on a prosciutto drive).

eventually Kiks met up w/us and we skidaddled to the next spot. it was getting later and it was tuesday so instead we went scavenging for a dessert place which is surprisingly hard to find on the Delancey/Essex/Rivington area of LES. ultimately we stopped outside teany. perhaps like me, the only thing you knew about this place aside that it sold tea, was that it was opened by moby. i always thought it was pronounced "tea-NY" (saying the letters N and Y) but turns out i was wrong cause they have a drink called teanychino (SO SO good) that is pronounced like "teenychino". all their desserts are vegan which made us all curl our lips up in a "could this actually be good?" which i think is a very valid reaction. the culmination of dessert is butter, cream and eggs. when they don't have it it just seems pointless. however, teany proved me wrong. we got a chocolate peanut butter mousse cake, a coconut chocolate cake and a strawberry shortcake. the chocolate peanut butter was more peanut buttery and than chocolatey. the coconut cake was good and the strawberry shortcake had a taste that to me was like splenda-y goodness (although sugar fits in the vegan diet, but hey, that's what it tasted like).

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