Monday, September 11

Asianed out

so i was all Asianed out this weekend, which is a little unlike me, but i mean, since i am Asian, i guess that's acceptable.

on friday i went to AALSA's screening of the movie Red Doors, which i really liked. it's funny and quirky and there are some definitely relatable incidents if you come from a Chinese family. afterwards we got time to Q & A the director and the lead actor Ma Tzi, who is really funny. he mentioned that he was in NY also to film another indie film, called K-town Superdogs or something like that, which was interesting b/c when i went to Players on Saturday they were filming a movie there. hmm, i wonder if it's one and the same?

also went to Typhoon Lounge on St. Marks for japanese dinner at Chow's suggestion. i'd heard of this place before w/good reviews but in all honesty, i didn't really care for the food. i got the curry rice which was ok, a little spicier than usual japanese curries. their plum wine was really sweet but not in a pleasant way and Tina said her food was really salty. all in all, considering the options that are around i wouldn't recommend this place.

school's been popping lately. we just had elections for 1L representative for each 1L section. i guess we're a pretty active class b/c every section had about 5 people running (each section's about 40 students on average). out of the 5 that ran in my section i picked the one that seemed the least formulaic. i appreciate people who make an effort and all that but i hate it when it seems like it's all the same. or maybe it's just that i'm spiteful... eh, whatever. it's my vote so stop judging me.

we also had an organizations fair and a street fair at BLS to celebrate our first day of classes (some tradition thing). omg such a good street fair. i had been craving a hot dog since i'd heard about it. it was damn good. also had some brisket, cookies and cream dippin' dots, sushi, mozzarella sticks and zeppoles. so much yummy street food! of course, i had a serious stomach ache afterwards, but seriously worth it. Wifey and i went to the AABANY meeting at Bar 13 after the fair, excited to meet some new people and students from other law schools, but that didn't happen. we just ran into more BLSers. i guess we're the only school that actually goes out...

i also tried eggs benedict for the first time this weekend. went to a place on Smith Street called Bar Tabac w/Gohm for brunch. got eggs benedict but w/smoked salmon instead of ham. so so good. but since i'm a novice you don't have to take my word, but even Gohm, who i was informed ordered eggs benedict for breakfast all the time back in Cali so i guess you could call him an expert, thought they were really good.

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