Monday, August 21

Hiro is not my Hero

Hiro Lounge officially kicked my ass on Saturday night. apparently, it also kicked a few other peoples' asses too.

it's been a bevy of going out since Gohm's friend Phil arrived from Cali. on Thursday we went to Third Floor and Maru in k-town. of course the boys all ordered bottle service. luckily for me, Pal had come to visit me at BLS and see my new apartment. we went to dinner at Heights Cafe on Montague Street and had some wine so i was in no mood to full out drink on that night. since it was a thursday we all went home around 2 am. Phil ended up going to some bars on Amsterdam Ave and stumbling into Gohm's apartment at around 4 am. it was pretty funny. he kicked open Gohm's bedroom door and is huffing and puffing. the only phrase he utters is "fucking stairs!" and then he grabs his stuff and sleeps on the futon in the living room. i went to the bathroom around 5 am and found Phil laying on the floor w/all the remaining take-out from dinner on the table.
friday night we ended up at 230 Fifth. such a random night. a lot of Gohm's BU friends and Cali friends showed up. out of the blue i ran into Debs which was a nice surprise. she actually spotted Gohm first and ran up to him saying "is tina here?". i love her for that. it was pretty ironic considering i had called her twice that night to see if she wanted to meet up but she had left her phone at home.

saturday Gohm came to brooklyn and we went out for dinner at Queen Italian Restaurant. the food was pretty good, but not great though their minestrone soup was delish. either way i don't think their food agreed w/me.

later we went to Hiro Lounge. once again we got bottle service but i liked the booth we got and felt very VIP. here's where the night gets funny. all i drank was cranberry vodkas and 1 shot of SoCo and lime (their shots are huge btw). nothing too extravagant. the guys mostly drank McKellan's. it turns out Gohm and his sis both barfed that night and Chow and i barfed the next morning. none of us really drank that much, just enough for a buzz, if that. i swear, something must be up at Hiro...

i spent all of sunday either in the bathroom or in bed until 7 pm. blech.

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