Thursday, August 10

i hate packing

things are going real fast now. there's so much stuff to get done and it all seems to have piled into this week.

my last day of work was on 8/4. this gave me a week to get ready before moving into my new place in brooklyn on 8/15 and have the school year start on 8/20. i spent some time w/Gohm before he left for cali on wednesday and have now been spending my time trying to pack up my room.

i used to think my room was small but i've definitely managed to clutter it up. i'm moving on saturday morning and i feel like that's coming too close. it's not the actual act of packing that's difficult. it's just that whenever i look at all the stuff i have, i just wonder how i accumulated all this stuff!

hopefully i'll get a good chunk done w/in the next hour and be more productive tomorrow. going out w/Pal & Douglife tomorrow for one last hurrah in Hoboken while i still reside here and can walk home from the bars.

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