Thursday, August 3

damn, wish i was your lover

made plans w/ Bubs and Kiks to have dinner last night since Kiks will be going to Cali today for a wedding w/the family she works for.

Bubs & i met up early and had to kill a few hours before Kiks would arrive from Rye so we went to Macy's. i picked up some shorts from Rampage (i finally gave in to the trend. i'm actually wearing them today) and we just roamed the department store. we stopped by the Lancome counter so that we could buy some Juicy tubes and spend enough to get the free gift they're doing right now. the gift's pretty good (it includes a 4-color eyeshadow set in cool/warm, a lipstick, 3 make-up brushes, some anti-wrinkle stuff and 2 makeup bags) and you only have to spend $28.50.

afterwards we cruised the perfume area and sprayed and smelled perfumes until our noses broke and we were incapable of smelling anything. i saw they had Gohm's cologne, and since i missed him, i sprayed it on myself. they also had Chow's cologne, Armani Code, which reminded me a little of the curry from Saigon Grill, which is what he orders all the time.

we headed towards Dae Dong and then met w/Kiks. i actually really like this korean restaurant. the tables are surrounded by booths, which make it really comfortable. the only negative was that their A/C wasn't up to form and it wasn't that much cooler in the restaurant than it was outside. however, the food was good (we ordered Bulgogi and DaehJi Bulgogi for BBQ and Neng Myun, which was really good i thought) and the people were nice.

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