Wednesday, August 16

Brooklyn Law School

so i am officially a law school student now (sort of).

i moved into my new place in Feil Hall yesterday. the moving in part wasn't that bad b/c the school had arranged for helpers to carry all your stuff in w/these giant carts. much appreciated. however, they couldn't help me unpack, and that was a nightmare.

as could be expected, i have the smallest bedroom in my 4-bedroom apartment (of course). can't complain though. it's still bigger than my previous hoboken apartment. i'm still not fully unpacked but it's just the little things that are left.

my sister cried when i moved out. it was so cute and sad. on one hand, it breaks my heart to see her cry like that. on the other hand, it makes me feel all warm inside to know she loves me that much. conundrum.

met all the roommates but haven't really bonded. doesn't help that i skipped out on dinner and drinks last night to go and see Gohm, who just arrived back from Cali yesterday. but that had to be done. after all, priorities priorities. besides, i'm sure there'll be tons of time for bonding later.

went and picked up my books today. it was a whopping $540 (and that included purchasing as many used books as possible). those bastards. this better be worth it in the end cause i'm looking at a lot of debt.

bunch of stuff has happened in the meantime which i'll write about in retrospect on a more boring day. for now i've got reading and more unpacking to do and i must focus.

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