Sunday, July 6

i rocked Rock Band

after the 4th of July festivities w/friends i went home for a reunion BBQ w/the fam and Debs' fam and cousins. i haven't hung out w/Debs' fam since Jerry & Jing's wedding so it was definitely worth the trip back to Jersey.

even tho the weather was a little crappy (extensive sporadic showers and super humidity), the spread at Debs' was, as always, amazing. there was shrimp cocktail, veggies and dip, and guacamole made from scratch w/tortilla chips. and those were just the finger foods. Debs' mom always makes this delicious green bean, grape tomato and edamame salad (a Rachel Ray recipe) and burgers and steaks galore. then there's my mom's famous potato salad-me and MiniDebs are in love w/it. btw, MiniDebs has grown up into such a hottie! i mean i know it every time i see her but still, it's astounding sometimes when i see her how she grew from a chubby little baby to the skinny tall hottie she now is.

the biggest highlight of the BBQ was when Debs' cousins brought Rock Band for Wii. and i learned a little talent i never knew i had: i can totally sing most of the songs on Rock Band. well, not well, but at least i know most of them. even i was impressed w/myself.

also, as a side note, i managed to make my sister cry b/c i accidentally ate all her blue gummi bears. i swear it wasn't on purpose. i was on the phone talking to Shy and there was the bag of gummi bears sitting next to me so i decided to try 1. and then we kept talking and i just kept taking 1 and then all the blue gummi bears were gone. i did apologize but it was to no avail. she was crying and pissed.

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