Tuesday, July 8


one of the things about living in (or near) the city after having grown up in the suburbs is that during the summer you miss having a pool to lay out next to, a backyard to BBQ in, and house parties. luckily for me, Pimento invited a bunch of us to his house in Long Island for a backyard BBQ. upon getting there, i felt like i was back in my hometown-the only thing missing was a pool.

i was totally thrown off by Pimento's initial behavior which was very gentleman and host-like. so not Pimento. as more ppl arrived and more drinks were consumed Pimento turned back into the one i know and love. phew.

even tho i knew it was gonna be a house party and DRC, Coleslaw and i would be going together, it wasn't until we got there that i remembered the "fresh blood" concept. see, whenever you bring new ppl home to a house party where everyone else knows each other and grew up together, it becomes feeding time in the shark tank. and since Pimento's a boy, it figures a lot of the ppl he knew there were all boys and intrigued by the fresh meat to feast on. tho, i'll be clear, they were all for the most part nice and polite. it wasn't until later in the night that things started to get creepy.

as it got later and later and it was apparent that we would be staying over at Pimento's, DRC and i got caught in a trap set by 2 Creepers. it all started w/a joke i played on Creeper1 and then Creeper2 made me feel bad about teasing Creeper1. Creeper2 kept telling me how sensitive Creeper1 is and how i should really go apologize. and so i started to feel a little bad, since we were all guests and these were Pimento's childhood friends and i didn't want to offend anyone. but the straw that broke the camel's back was when DRC started joining in w/Creeper2 and telling me to go and apologize (and she did this all w/a totally straight face). so on DRC's urging i went outside to tell Creeper1 i was sorry. and that's how the set-up was put into action. it managed to separate me and DRC so the Creepers could prey on us individually. after a few traumatizing events, DRC and i finally got on the same page and decide to hold a united defensive front against the Creepers. we refused to separate from each other (altho there were some dodgy moments where DRC would abandon me) and we kept moving from room to room-leaving 1 room whenever they entered it.
except it didn't work. they just kept following us around! i was starting to get seriously creeped out and roped Coleslaw into helping us. so DRC, Coleslaw, Pimento and i moved to an upstairs bedroom to hide out. but the Creepers knocked on the door! so Coleslaw covered for us saying we weren't there and they should go look somewhere else. except they knocked again! this time they used the pretense that they left their cellphone in the room and needed to come in and get it but Coleslaw stood her ground and didn't let them in and eventually they left.

ok, ok, i know this sounds childish but i want to stress the fact we were in an area we didn't know and couldn't get away from and the host (Pimento) was pretty drunk and passed out so it's not like he could've helped us. and it is really creepy to have guys who just don't get the hint. when i'm in a club or bar in the city i have no problem dealing w/creepy guys but that's also b/c i'm in a large crowd w/bouncers and tons of ppl around.

brr...i'm getting creeper chills just remembering this incident.

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