Monday, June 30

....awkward.... seems like getting to work always makes me grumpy. today for instance, i had to wait forever for the 4/5 train to arrive. then when i get off at my stop, i always, without fail, get stuck on the stairs behind someone who refuses to let me pass around them yet walks excruciatingly slow. that 1 always makes me the most irritated b/c it's like a torturous death. then i get in the elevator w/2 other ppl and press my button for the 9th floor. the elevator stops on the 4th floor. ok, i can handle that since the 2 other ppl get out and it's just me left in the elevator. except, no wait. those dicks pressed the buttons for 4, 6, and 8 as well! so i'm stuck making all those extra stops on the oldest and slowest elevator ever (ok that's not true but it felt like that at the time). sheesh.

as a more interesting diversion, it's Restaurant Week again! yea!! i know there are those pompous assholes who detest Restaurant Week- i distinctly remember someone specifically announcing "i never order from the Restaurant Week menu" but whatever, they're not as broke me and i'm not as spoiled as those ppl so suck it.

whoops, lost my temper there again. that's not what i meant to say. what i meant to say was that as i was googling restaurants and making reservations, i found out that Top Chef will be filming in Williamsburg this summer! ok, so it might just be a rumor but w/Real World and Top Chef coming to Brooklyn i've gotta admit i'm excited to be validated when i told my Manhattan/Jersey friends that Brooklyn is cool but i know i'm also gonna super-annoyed when the area becomes trendy central. blech.

so that's the rant portion of this entry. on to the main point.

prior to the end of school i attended Transitions Dinner which is an event for the student orgs and honors specific faculty, staff and students for their impressive work. since i'm never gonna win 1 of those awards in my lifetime, i was really just there for the free food and drinks. the dinner was "eh", the drinks were the typical fare and, based on the review of last year's BLS SBA performance (they're not the students' favorite it seems), a lot of the honoring going on was more just going through the motions vs. actual appreciation. however, there was 1 moment that was kind of hilarious.

DRC and i were sitting during the speeches and the newly-elected SBA president was saying a few words and then called up ChaseHoneycut to say a few words. while DRC and i were (of course) listening raptly to these speeches we also were goofing off and making jokes w/each other (as we always do...) and it just happened to coincide that during 1 of our fits of giggling was when ChaseHoneycut was walking up to the podium. it wouldn't have been that bad except the dinner hall had become completely dead silent. so it sounded as if DRC and i were laughing at ChaseHoneycut (which we weren't). it was 1 of the more awkward moments i've been in. it had the same feeling as when you trip and fall in front of a crowded room. everyone was looking at us for a good 5 secs and all we could do was look back at them awkwardly. and then everyone started laughing at us.

yea...super awkward...

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