Thursday, July 10

the room was spinning

the night before July 4th, the girls and i decided to get together and do a mini-drink fest since nobody had to work the next day. however, i got an unexpected call from my parents who advised me Cousin was in town and had missed her planned flight and had taken a red-eye instead but they hadn't heard from her since. being concerned, she is family after all, i made a few calls and found out she was doing fine and hanging w/Snoopy. it's pretty much obligatory to have to see family when they're visiting, especially when they're visiting from out-of-town. so i made plans to meet up w/her after work and hopefully i would help her get the bus back to Jersey to meet w/my parents for dinner.

except things never go as planned when it comes to Cousin. she's notorious when it comes to time-management.

so i was supposed to meet Cousin in Chinatown around 5:30/6:00 pm. except i know her well enough to anticipate she's going to be late so i told her to call me when she was leaving Grand Central and even gave her directions on how to get to Canal Street from GCT. except of course she didn't do either. she failed to follow my directions and didn't call me until she was already at Canal Street in Chinatown-although i shouldn't complain really b/c she ended up having to wait for me instead of vice versa. we then met up w/Snoopy and by then it was pretty obvious that Cousin wasn't gonna make it back to jersey to have dinner w/my parents so instead Snoopy, Cousin and i ended up getting dinner together instead. and this in turn made me run late to go meet up w/the girls back at Feil. see the chain reaction when it comes to Cousin?

So you think you can dance-bleeding love

luckily, although i missed So You Think You Can Dance (which, aside from the video posted here, i'm not that crazy about-i just can't get into all that ballroom dancing stuff), i didn't miss my favorite show to watch: America's Next Best Dance Crew. phew. we sat around and watched the show, caught up on gossip during the commercials, and then headed over to Trout for drinks. i'm always shocked at how packed Trout is on weekend nights. and not full of law school ppl either but just regular joe-shmoes out for the night. weird. in reality, i didn't really want to go to Trout that night, and the crowd just made it more so but DRC had made a royal edict that if we went to Brazen she would leave or go home. i mean what can you do when 1 of your good friends drops a statement like that? so there was really no choice.

fortunately, we only stayed for 1 drink b/c Shy told me he was at Brazen and we all headed over there after our 1 drink. love this place. maybe b/c it's so cheap. or maybe it's the bartenders who have started to get to know me by face. or maybe b/c it's 2 minutes walk from my apt. anyways, DRC left shortly after we got there and then it was just me, Coleslaw, Shy and his friend. did i mention we were getting free PBRs? my favorite bartender was working that night and, as it turns out, the PBR rep had been in earlier that day so all the PBRs we ordered for free. and we were very grateful. and then Shy's friend bought 2 rounds of shots (1 jack, 1 SoCo & lime). before we knew it, Shy was very drunk. so you ask me, how can i be sure? b/c don't you hate it when ppl think you're drunk when you're definitely not? well, i can be pretty positive b/c later when we were hanging at his place he did 2 very drunk things:
1.he plopped down on the couch and then immediately shot up and announced, "i need water" and proceeded to stand at the sink and chug water.
2.he went to go lay down and then announced, "no good. the room is spinning" and then spent some time sitting up but lamenting the fact that he was tired and just wanted to lay down.