Wednesday, February 21

happy birthday to mini-me

Thanks to Debs i got an opportunity to go to another of the Glenlivet City Links for free scotch and indoor golfing. i was so impressed w/myself for drinking scotch, which i haven't really done before. i felt so adult and "007" of it all. the event was fun, and i like going w/Egg b/c i can convince him to chase down hors'doerves for me. YEA!

afterwards, Gohm and i went to dinner in Brooklyn at Cubana Cafe, since he was craving cuban/peruvian food. Overall i thought the food was good, the appetizers were really good (Gohm got shrimp i believe and he had ordered me corn on the cob smothered w/melted cheese and butter. so good but so bad for me). the only teeny tiny complaint i have is that the space is so small. otherwise, loved it and it's very affordable. o, but 1 suggestion is to stay away from the sangria. i wasn't a big fan.

so on the 11th i went home for my little sister's birthday. she turned the big 1-4 so i decided to take her to her first mani-pedi. it was so cute and we had fun, having a little heart to heart while we had our feet done. for dinner, we went to Minado, her favorite japanese buffet. i love going there every once in a while, but after i go i always feel very bad. i guess that's what you get w/buffets.
my cousin patty seemed to be suffering the most. you could see it on her face when she started on the desserts. somehow she just couldn't stop herself and she ate the last piece of green tea cake on her plate but it just pushed her over the edge and she ended up getting sick right after. we all went home and got out cake, w/no intention of eating it since we were so stuffed-just to take pictures, but then patty just couldn't stop looking at it and asked for a piece! i was just about rolling on the floor from the irony of it all.

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