Tuesday, February 20

double Valentine's Day

now that the LWR brief assignment is over, i can finally breathe a sigh of relief and remove myself from the void that my apartment's become. of course, to top off this momentous day, i just slipped on some ice (while wearing my Tims!) outside of BLS. o well...

prior to the 5-day hole up in my apartment, was Valentine's Day. Egg and i decided to do plan something for our significant others so we booked dinner at Saul's about 3 weeks prior (tho had to call in a favor to get the reservation b/c it was all booked up. who knew Brooklyn was so hot?!). before dinner, Egg and i got the brilliant idea to make chocolate chip cookies for them. unfortunately, there were no heart-shaped cookies at the store, so we had to do it ourselves. if anyone thinks of a better way to do it than we did, pls advise. Egg and i would shape the cookies into hearts prior to baking and then, while they were still soft from being pulled from the oven, we would do "damage control" and use teaspoons to nudge the cookie into a better shape. not all of them were successes, but i think the effort shown through.

we all dressed up a little for dinner, which was fun, but the roads were still slushy and icy since it had only snowed the day before. Chen and i did not have fun trying to walk the 4 blocks to Saul's in our high-heeled black boots. after arriving safely, we started our 5-course dinner ($85/per person). we all started w/foie gras, which was so rich and creamy. sigh, if only they gave out more. it was followed by a sweat pea soup w/bacon and goat cheese dumplings. the color was adorable and startling at the same and the soup itself was very rich and creamy. Chen and i got the poached egg w/salmon grits while Egg and Gohm got the smoked mackeral. i actually really enjoyed the egg (poached eggs are my favorite) but the mackeral was definitely the winner of the 2 dishes. it just felt meatier and the taste was much stronger. Chen and i got a grilled yellowtail entree while Egg and Gohm opted for the strip steak (men-meat mentality). this time it was Chen and i that lucked out b/c the yellowtail was cooked perfectly and came w/an amazing sauce (hard to describe now, probably b/c my brain is fried from writing my brief). the boys' steak was good, but nothing special.

for dessert, Egg and i opted for a passion fruit parfait-ish dish. this was absolutely amazing. even tho it was freezing outside, eating this dessert is like being in the tropics. it was a layered dish w/pureed mango on the bottom, coconut milk cream/custard layer above, topped w/pureed passion fruit. on top of it all was a scoop of rum ice cream which definitely did not mask the rum flavor w/any cream. Gohm and Chen opted for the warm chocolate cake (talked about during Egg's and my last trip to Saul's). to end our nice double-date Valentine's day, we all went home and played DVD Scene-it. Egg and Chen make a formidable foe and i may have met my match, but i refuse to believe they actually won 1 w/their sneaky Psycho pull.

bring it on.

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