Monday, February 5

Ahhhh Voce and those crazy AALSA mentors

for my last meal for Restaurant Week Egg and i went to A Voce, which seems to be the restaurant to go to since it's on everyone's must-eat restaurant list. i was kind of worried b/c they didn't have a menu up and it's a mighty expensive place but fear not b/c they had excellent choices, Egg and i managed to find a favorite for every course. for apps Egg got sardines, which i know i know, sounds gross and weird but was so yummily lemon and citrusy. i got pasta e fagiole and the soup was surprisingly thick and creamy, which i've never had prepared that way but was perfect for the frigidly cold day. plus it had 4 teeny tiny raviolinis in it filled w/goat cheese which were adorable and delicious. for entrees Egg got an amazing scampi ravioli, the ravioli was so good. i had seared scallops which was cooked nice and tenderly, but it was the sauce underneath which was likely a creamy zesty tomatoey nutty sauce. no meal's complete w/o dessert and we opted for a warm chocolate cakish thing served w/banana ice cream and fried banana slices and a tiramisu. Egg's tiramisu was served in a see-through cup so you could see the layers of cream and espresso soaked cake. eh, i think i prefer the cake form w/those lady-fingers and spongy cake. the chocolate cake was (as always) delish, but it was the banana ice cream which really topped it all off. there were actual chunks of banana in it. yum yum. overall the food was definitely worth it, and if i was a rockefeller, i'd eat there more often b/c it's definitely quality and solid taste and the ambience i would think would suit the trendier young crowd but there were plenty of old ladies wearing their pearls out to lunch w/Egg and i so maybe this place transcends age/generation.

Egg and i got back to BLS w/the full intention of doing some work and the gym and all that stuff before heading out to AALSA's mentor-mentee event. that all went to hell when i asked to play a game of Guitar Hero II since Egg owned it but hadn't yet played. By the time Gohm got to BLS Egg and i had managed to change for the gym but were still glued to the game (damn Egg for not having a memory card and unable to find a cheat code on-line to get all the songs!). we did manage to go to the gym and then headed out to Magentic Field to attend the AALSA event. unfortunately most of the food was gone by the time we got there but everyone had a good time (we dominated the dart board, although i am awfully awful at that game as well as photo hunt-i won't mention which kind we played). it ended being a bit more of an epic night than any of us had planned and w/a stop at the falafel place for food at about 2 am i just about collapsed at home.

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