Monday, February 12

the revival of Pal!

why do the Bobsey Twins keep stealing chairs from the kitchen? i mean, what if i need them, or worse, Wifey/i have guests over?!

aside from that, about 2 wks ago i finally saw Pal again. ever since school started and Gohm and everything else got involved, i haven't really seen her/the Hoboken/Pressler crowd. granted, she's also been pretty busy, moving in w/Jared, work and all that fun stuff. regardless, we finally made a dinner date during Restaurant Week to meet up. we went to Thalassa, a Greek restaurant right across the street from Tribeca Grill. they were doing a Restaurant Week wine list too, which was very economical so we got a bottle of Syrah for $27. yea!!
we got identical menus, which is usually a faux pas but, since it's Pal, i let it slide. we both started w/crabcakes which were very crab-a-plentiful and since i seem to eat much faster than Pal, nibbled on the bread and olives they left on the table. i'm not usually an olive fan but these were deelish, pit and all. we had baby lamb chops as entrees which were good, but nothing really special. i thought the lamb chops were just slightly dry. as dessert we got a Greek dessert which i can't recall the name of but was sort of spongey vanilla cake w/layers of raspberry jam. while i wasn't completely bowled over by the whole thing, the experience was very nice, the restaurant feels comfortable and trendy all at once. the sort of purple lighting in the pic-yep, it's there all the time and very ethereal when you're there at night. once i start making some serious moolah, i'll def be dining there at least once/twice.
Pal and i had lots of fun chatting and catching up. we've def calmed a lot from our Hoboken days (i think it's part of our domestication now that we're both in serious relationships). hopefully this won't be a rare occurrence. i'll cross my fingers.

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