Thursday, February 8

perfect chill girl's night out

since it's all about school right now, i'm gonna do quick little catch-up posts for all the stuff that's been happening.

i went to Lure Fishbar for Restaurant Week w/Debs and Bubby. while we all got lost trying to find the place (what is it about Soho that just totally disorients you as soon as you step off the subway?) the food was definitely worth it to brave the freezing cold. btw, when you walk in, you'll realize you're meant to feel as if you're dining in a boat. the windows are all port holes and it's sub-ground level makes you feel like you're looking up from below deck. interesting. we all started w/the raw bar tasting which is such a good deal. it comes w/shrimp cocktail (about 2 nice big pieces), a sort of grilled calamari ceviche, and east and west coast oysters (i don't know which was which, but 1 was the typical kinds and the other were teeny-tiny but still yummy). we all got different entrees and ate some of each other's. Debs got grilled mahi mahi which was a nice flaky fish, Bubs got steamed branzino which i thought was good but i wasn't crazy about tho it came w/rice which i sort of envied (i love that bap!) and i got seared tuna which was good but it was the veggies it was served on top of that was really impressive. it was served on top edamame and some kind of crunchy veg mixed together. the crunchy veg reminded me of diced waterchesnut, which is 1 of my favorite and least used veggie. to finish it off, Debs got ricotta cheesecake (nice and light, but could've done w/o the ginger compote on top), Bubs got chocolate cake (you can never go wrong. it was warm and gooey and delicious) and i got 2 mini ice cream sandwiches (chocolate chip cookies sandwiched around chocolate chip ice cream and shortbread cookies wrapped around strawberry ice cream). deelish. the food was great and the company was greater. Bubs and Debs dished about the boy stuff going on in their lives-boy stuff's always more interesting and dramatic when you're single. when they asked me how things were going the only thing i could really say was "good"-i didn't have any juicy drama to share. we all shared how it was nice to unwind amongst friends.

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