Monday, November 27

x'mas list

1. large bag/purse: i need something that i can use as an overnight bag that's not a duffel bag/backpack and can hold a textbook/two but not look like a hamani (grandma)

2. digital camera

3. long hooded black wool jacket

4. puffy vest

5. black fleece jacket

6. sweaters for the winter

7. fun stuff from sephora

8. hot pot (yes, like the chinese hot pot, i want to start making my own)

9. memory board to put pics and momentos up

10. pea coat
11. benetint blush (it's so cool!)
12. long-sleeved sweater shrug
the pics are for reference only (plus blog entries always seem boring w/o them)and anything in bold is still unpurchased to date. and i'm sure i'll think of something else to add. can't wait to go shopping for everybody else this year (even tho i'm super broke) b/c i've already got some good ideas. and let the shopping begin!!

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