Wednesday, November 15

making up for lost time; Gotham party; Yakitori Taisho

who knew school could be so encompassing? in order to try and make up for lost time, i'm gonna do something old and something new in this entry. i've got time, my civ pro professor is recapping monday's lecture.

a while back i got to go to Angelo and Maxie's Steakhouse w/Egg through Debs who had been invited to Gotham Magazine's celebration of their 100 Hottest Bachelors in NYC. so we got dolled up and headed over. i love events like these b/c everything's free and it's just fun to go to (although Debs would beg to differ since she has to do it for work). Egg and i chased the hors d'oeurves around (yummy mushroom stuffed w/crabmeat, filet mignon, steak tartar and teeny tiny lambchops) and drank 1 of every drink (wine, Parrot Bay rum cocktails and Stella Artois). i had a great time w/Egg pretending to be other people and concocting hilarious stories about Asian businessmen.

now some current events. went to Yakitori Taisho on monday w/Kiks, who i haven't seen in prob a month (wow does time fly). got to catch up on all the gossip and current events which is great. but you know what was really great? the food. omg, i really really loved it. the place is cramped, swelteringly hot and you'll inevitably smell like the smokey grill. so worth it.

so, obviously, this place is known for its yakitori. we got a good assortment (set A-includes chicken meatballs, chicken skin, chicken gizzard, pork and chicken chunks. everything was good, but i wasn't that much in the mood. and you definitely have to eat the chicken skin asap and that thing is all grease). we got some octopus balls (octopus in the shape of balls you pervert). however the 2 things we got which i want to eat again and again is the grilled salmon rice ball and the mentai potato. OMG. the potato is steak fries served w/spicy cod roe mayo and the rice ball is grilled and crunchy on the outside w/salmon in the center.
one of the best and cheapest dinners i've had.

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