Friday, November 3

celebratory dinners

in order to celebrate Gohm's new job, i took him to Jovia for dinner last night.

the restaurant was very nice, great setting for couples dinner. the food was great and i felt really healthy after eating it (after i woke up from the food coma anyways). we got this great seared scallops which was served w/pumpkin/squash. that was great but the most amazing part of the meal was a seared mushroom rissotto w/braised short ribs. OMG Gohm and i both were so impressed w/it. we got pretty typical entrees (chicken and hanger steak) but both were done really well and Gohm literally cleaned his plate (giving all his potato gnocchi to me of course). for dessert we got a pumpkin torta di formaggio. so sweet but so good. and it came w/gingersnaps cookies on the side w/something akin to caramel in the center.

the dinner was overall a great meal by itself but i think part of the reason i really loved it was b/c i got to have it w/Gohm and, on those rare occassions, take care of him and take him out. cheesy...i know....

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