Wednesday, November 29

ghetto hotpot & friggin inari sushi

so cross #2 off my christmas list! yea!!

yesterday went to the Apple store to check out ipods and Sephora to check out make-up for christmas presents w/Bubs (yes i know it's early but sometimes you just gotta so that you can make informed decisions). afterwards we went to Chinatown so i could purchase ingredients for a ghetto hotpot since i don't actually have the pot yet (hint hint christmas present mom and dad) and was just gonna make the soup and throw in some udon and all the other fun ingredients. luckily i had Bubs w/me or else i'd never have been able to carry all that stuff home. we got lots of pork, shrimp and fish balls (i kept embarassing Bubs by screaming "BALLS BALLS" in Kam Man), sliced beef and beef belly, baby corn, straw mushrooms, white cabbage, udon, red snapper, and of course sha-cha. for some reason that's called chinese barbecue sauce even though we never use it for barbecue. weird.

the hardest part was getting inari sushi ingredients for Gohm. finding that aburage (fried tofu) took trekking all over Mott and Mulberry St. poor Bubs, she was starving by that point. finally got it and we headed back to Brookyln and made dinner. the most fun was making the sushi and Bubs was pretty good at stuffing that tofu to the brim w/rice (which is a must b/c we got the canned version and it was sweet so the rice was good balancing it out). i'd wanted to make it for Gohm since he'd requested it and said that his mom would make it for him. i won't go into what happened when he arrived b/c that's just too sad and he would be mad. regardless it was fun and hearty meal (soup was delish w/chopped garlic, sha-cha and chopped scallions for flavor) to make w/o being too unhealthy.

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