Sunday, November 19


ack, i don't want to write about whether customer lists constitute trade secrets in California! so, i'm taking a little break from my legal memo. so i haven't seen that many movies lately, but the last 1 i did see was The Prestige, i know, i know, that was like a month ago! bite me. i'm slow w/the updates. anyways, to see it i finally went to the UA theater near me, and while the theater we sat in was small, it didn't detract from the movie at all. i really really liked it. it's 1 of those i-have-to-go-back-and-watch-it-again movies because the ending is such a twist. when i finished watching it i couldn't stop talking about it (always a sign of a good movie, unless you can't stop talking about it b/c it was so bad of course). it's a little slow in the beginning but the ending makes it worth it.

went out to more yakitori on st. marks on friday w/friends. ran into Snoopy which was really weird. we were trying to figure out the wait for Yakitori Taisho (insane on friday nights, 40 minutes!) when all of a sudden i heard someone saying "cousin! cousin!" (my nickname from their loveboat days. let me be clear, i didn't go on loveboat, but they did). i turned around and there was Snoopy. i'd heard that he'd recently broken up w/his gf of 3 years or something, but he must not be too sad b/c he was there w/some girl. anyway, the meeting was pretty random. i'm always surprised when i randomly run into ppl on the street in NYC. ultimately we all decided to go to Kenka b/c the wait was only 20 mins. had a feast and then headed to out for drinks at Nightingale (loungey place w/a pool table, nothing special but they did have a photohunt which Debs and Wifey were in love w/being photohunt virgins).

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