Sunday, July 17

Which Seth Meyers Was It?

ugh. every time my 18 year old sister gets action, she posts it on her tumblr. whenever i see it i have three simultaneous reactions:
1. nausea and revulsion (i'm considering them 1 single reaction)
2. trauma
3. the urge to severely harm/castrate the guy who's doing it

::involuntary convulsion & shudder:: in order to prevent myself from suffering PTS and facing assault and battery charges, let's talk about something else...

Kiddo and my NOM NOM faces!

ARGH!! of course they stamp my passport on top of other stamps i've received instead of using a new page.  i'm always trying to fill up my passport pages. FAIL.
it's been ages since i actually travelled anywhere, mainly because it's so hard to get people's schedules coordinated and nobody really has the funds (although sometimes i think that's a crock. we can spend $600 in a month on god-knows-what but can't spend that same money on a vacation? BOOOO). so when Kiddo mentioned he wanted to get away, i jumped on the opportunity. after much discussion and internet price comparing, we agreed on an all-inclusive long weekend in Playa del Carmen.

apparently everyone was in the same mindset as us because Oppa went to Playa del Carmen the week before us, and Spoon was actually in Playa del Carmen the same weekend as us. what are the odds?

i had all these lofty ideas for the vacation that were promptly thrown out the window when i contracted acute pharyingitis the week of the trip. go figure.  but i (wo)man-ed up, got myself some antibiotics, and continued on my way. of course, not being able to breath without coughing up a lung immediately nixed any ideas of snorkeling, cenotes, and hiking. but it didn't preclude laying on the beach and tanning. so all wasn't lost.
Mexico greets you with Hugs and Kisses on every corner!
Kiddo's first Eggs Benny!

arriving at the airport is always an exciting part of a trip for me because it signals the official start. the airport is your gateway to a new destination. and from check-in until your plane lands, the entire time is spent building up your anticipation and excitement for the trip itself.  not to mention all the fun distractions they have e.g. the Nintendo 3DS kiosk. Kiddo also ate his first Eggs Benedict! i can't believe he's lived these past 26 years without ever having eaten it-and even weirder that his first time was at the airport.

I have no idea what "Watkins" tastes like, but the bottle's cool, no? And then Kiddo and i tried to photograph something else and was scolded by airport security...
the JetBlue flight on the way to Mexico was comfy since Kiddo and i had a whole row to ourselves. being 5 ft 2, i don't worry too much about sitting space since i don't need too much of it. however, it was while looking at Kiddo that i realized exactly how spacious the JetBlue seats really are. Kiddo's at least 6 ft (i think-then again, anyone over 5'8 is a giant to me) and he still had plenty of space.

Amazing art and artist using spray paint and fire.
Playa del Carmen itself was, as expected, beautiful and the vacation was a well needed moment of rest and relaxation. if i hadn't contracted the Bubonic Plague, i would have loved to have gone snorkeling and hiking Tulum and all those activities. however, simply laying about on the beach and taking dips in the ocean sufficed for this trip; and gives me a reason to go back...

Cigar rolling on 5th Ave. Ahh, the smell of grandpas around the world (in a good way)

See the monkeys in the tree?

i have no regrets about this trip except for 1: when we arrived at the airport and made our way out to the taxi and shuttle stands, i noticed a car service holding up a sign that said: SETH MEYERS/CANCUN. i immediately thought of this person:
Isn't he an SNL cutie?
whereas Kiddo immediately thought of him:

The name is Seth MacFarlane, Kiddo!
except, in doing my research for this picture, i realized the creator of Family Guy is called Seth MacFarlane, not Seth Meyers. so although i'd wondered, "which Seth Meyers was in Cancun the weekend of May 25th?" it turns out it was all for naught.

and now the title to this post makes very little sense...


solo said...

ahem, that's 27 years. also, ew? not cool by your sister. u should totally email her whenever you get action. and i could too. bombard her with grossness.

formatie nunti said...

I was in Playa del Carmen two years ago and i was impressed. Unfortunately i had no time to stay a lot because i was there for only two days, but i hope to visit it again very soon. I recommend this place, it is very nice.