Wednesday, July 13

Summer Lovin'

it's always interesting how time can give you rose-colored glasses, regardless of what it is (a relationship, a friendship, college, high school, childhood).

this clearly applies to summer in the city. plenty of people i know are complaining about the unbearable heat, lack of A/C, the crowded tourists, etc., but for me, i'm completely in love with summer in the city. granted, it's not as great as fall (in my opinion), it's still up there.

and even if i'm drenched from head to toe in sweat from the 90+ degree weather outside and the 100+ degree weather in the subway station, i wouldn't trade it for anything. because the outdoor restaurant and bar seating, the open rooftops, the multitude of food and ice cream trucks, the endless free events, the multiplication of people outside walking, the ability to be outside in the summer sun, are all worth my slight uncomfortablness due to the heat.

i'm sure i never appreciated summer in the city the way i do now. ::sigh:: absence does make the heart grow fonder...

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