Friday, July 1

Recession Eating Frenzy

i love my friends. i love my food. i love my drinks. i love when all my loves come together.

unfortunately, that's not always possible. while i wish we were more creative in our ideas for outings, my friends and i tend to be limited in our activity choices: drinks and food. but not all my friends have the funds to support constant $10 drinks and $12 snacks (for itty bitty portions). being conscious of this, i've become more attuned to food and drink deals as a way to combine all my loves together.

this Saturday i met with Bubby for Jin's happy hour deal, which runs every day from 4-7 p.m.  The deal consists of a set menu where everything is only $3: this includes a nice variety of maki rolls and appetizers, as well a multitude of drinks including house sakes, beers (Kirin, Sapporo, Hoegarden etc.), and wines. the $3 drinks were the real reason i picked Jin (yes, i harbor an inner lush if you haven't already figured it out).

after ordering 3 maki rolls (eel avocado, spicy tuna crunch, alaska), a hiyayakko tofu appetizer,  4 cold sakes and 4 Kirin Ichiban drafts, the total amount per person was $24 including tip. not bad at all considering i was tipsy and Bubby was "a little bit drunk, i'm not gonna lie" (said with that universal lopsided smile that all drunk people exhibit).

clearly we weren't the only people who knew about Jin's happy hour special. when i showed up a little after 6 p.m., the place was packed. i was sat at the only table available at the time, which was a tiny 2-person table wedged extremely close to a very tall bamboo plant and only 6-8 feet away from the bathroom. while people usually complain about sitting close to the bathroom, i don't actually mind it so much as long as the bathroom's not smelly (which it wasn't). plus, it's not like i could actually see into the bathroom at any point. it wasn't that close. seeing a toilet while eating would be a no-no for me. on this particular occassion, being close enough to the bathroom was a blessing in disguise because drinking all that sake and beer made it so i had to make more than 1 trip to the lavatory so it was nice not to have to go far.

afterwards, Bubby and i headed uptown to Valhalla, a beer bar located in Hell's Kitchen. holy beer selection on draft.

although i'm not the biggest beer fan, even i have to admit that there's bound to be something at Valhalla that will tickle your fancy. and the bartender is very helpful in accomodating your tastes. so when Bubby and i decided to share a flight with the simple instructions, "we don't really like dark beers or ales. more summery and light?" she came up with a more than suitable flight ($23).

it being Gay Day, it was perfect that we were at Valhalla for Bubby's classmate's birthday party who is very of the same-sex persuasion. and totes hitting on Bubby. which she loves. although she may not be same-sex oriented (at least not soberly), she still loves the flirting. then again, who doesn't? 

2 beer flights later, Bubby was drinked-out. we decided to head down to St. Marks for some cheap snacks and ended up on Bleecker St. after some bad navigation on my part, we ended up going to Great Jones Cafe instead. i can't believe i've never eaten here before.

great hole-in-the-wall Southern restaurant. i only say it's a hole-in-the-wall because it's completely camouflaged from the street. if you didn't know about it before going there, you definitely wouldn't think the indescript restaurant was housing such great southern food.

Bubby was clearly on a food mission and quickly made the command decision to order the Wings. spicy, messy heaven. the came out piping hot and really hit the spot. and since i clearly wasn't going home with anyone sitting at our table (it was just Bubby, me, and BDayGirl), getting wing sauce all over my face and fingers was perfectly acceptable. we also split an order of the Lamb Po' Boy, which was extremely tender and flavorful lamb served with salty shoe string french fries.

it's been a while since i've done the drunken late night munchie but Great Jones Cafe was a great way to do it up and end the night.

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