Monday, July 25

HEEEEY yooooou guuuuuys~

mini-law school reunion in Richmond, VA! woot woot! SHOT SHOT SHOT, SHOTSHOT!

ok, so not quite that Jersey Shore-ish. but still fun nonetheless. haven't gone down to Richmond to visit BigBoobsMcGee and KappaGamma in a while so Kiddo, BGA, and i packed our bags and drove the 6 hrs down to Virginia for the weekend.

the drive down is always focused on 1 thing: when are we stopping at Chik-fil-A? there really is no other option since we're so Chik-fil-A deprived up in the north.  we always get pretty amped when  the "food" signs on the side of the highway start listing Chik-fil-A with the frequency of McDonald's. and since BGA had never had Chik-fil-A before, it sealed the deal as to where we would stop for dinner (we had been debating between Chik-fil-A or Sonic). and as BGA dug into his peach milkshake (with real peach fruit bits!) and his spicy crispy chicken sandwich, he had to admit, "hate tastes GOOD." for all of Chik-fil-A's religious, conversative, left-wing ideology and belief, it's some damn good food. which made Kiddo postulate the question, "i wonder what Nazi food tastes like?"  if hate has a direct ratio to taste, i can only guess it was delicious.

NOM NOM NOM! hate tastes delicious!
we arrived in Richmond after 11 p.m. and drove straight to Cous Cous to meet up with the law school crew, which included KG, BBM, and Cubed, who had flown down from Boston. we drank and danced to 80s and 90s hip hop until the wee hours of...1:30 a.m. o yea, i forgot, we're not in NYC anymore. bars actually do have closing times and last calls.

Cous Cous was a pretty great bar, although i haven't been in such a packed, sweaty environment in a while. it was like a sauna in there, but the cheap drinks made up for it (a Jameson on the rocks and a Jack & diet=$11.00). not to mention the daebak fashion. guys wearing jean cutoffs/ jorts and multi-colored tank tops with flip flops? daaaaebak. although at 1 point i realized how young the crowd was: Whitney Houston's, "How Will I Know" came on and BGA, KG and i belted our hearts out in excitement, which prompted this exchange:

"Wow, looks like you guys really grew up with this song" says RichmondHipster next to me wearing a cutoff sleeves t-shirt, bandana/headband, and jorts.
"Uh...yeah! you DIDN'T?"
"No... but i remember my older sister blasting this song all the time!" old are you? that's when i looked around the room and realized how young these Virginia hipsters were. my night out had also become an impromptu babysitting excursion. the girl behind me clearly did not like HipsterBaby talking to me and promptly wedged herself between us (it was really weird, she was practically leaning on me in order to push us apart). i wanted to tell her, "don't worry. i'm not after your HipsterBaby because while i was bopping around to Whitney and Debbie, he was still in diapers and pacifiers."

after the bar closed, we headed back to BBM's where Cubed promptly passed out. or was he? we all attempted to wake Cubed up. when KG tried, Cubed reacted violently by yelling "don't touch me! you're too hot!" and slid from the air mattress down to the floor in his endeavor to escape from her. and although Cubed acted as if he was dead to the world, yet when i threatened to molest him if he didn't wake up, all of a sudden a mischievous smile appeared on his face...suspicious. very suspicious.

KG, BGA and i were the only ones still awake and since i'd had the foresight to request Firefly be purchased from the liquor store before our arrival, we continued the night. i'm still surprised we killed a whole new bottle of Firefly in the time between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. it was a total slumber party with talks about boys and sex and other inappropriate sleepover topics.

the next morning was a much needed liquid brunch from Village Cafe. the food was ok, but the real winner was the drinks! anything non-alcoholic is served in a mini-pitcher! considering how dehydrated i was, this was the perfect remedy. and the bloody mary was pretty good too, particularly if you like them spicy.

the perfect liquid brunch. in order of hydration quality: water, diet coke, and bloody mary. i'd also wanted a milkshake (they looked epic) but was convinced by BGA to wait until after the meal...and then we forgot.
after brunch was a romp in the St. James River. meh. i've never been much of an outdoorsy/nature girl so after 30 mins the novelty of the river wore off. the boys on the other hand, loved it, as did BBM. KG on the other hand, is even more nature-phobic than me. it probably took a good 25 mins before she was even willing to enter the water. and she claims she's not high maintenance some times.

after the river, BBM, BGA, and i headed out to pick up dinner from Cook Out. daeeebak. amazing milkshakes in over 20+ flavors and super cheap and delicious barbecue, burgers, chicken. although i totally ordered wrong by opting for a burger cheddar style (1/4 lb. patty topped with bacon, cheddar, onions and mayo) instead of the barbecue sandwich (pulled pork north carolina style meaning coleslaw and hot sauce), it was still amazing and a whole meal was only $4.39 + $1 for a specialty shake instead of a soda. you must go there now.

trouble started when we stopped at 7-11 for provisions. all of a sudden, BBM's car wouldn't start. now, although BBM, BGA, and i are all functioning and well adjusted adults, none of us knew jack about cars. and then the most amazing thing happened: a random stranger came over and asked BBM to pop her hood and began helping us!! i shit you not. when the hell does that ever happen?

turns out BBM needed to jump her battery but no one had jumper cables. fortuitously, we had broken down across the street from a car dealership so BGA and i trekked over to humbly request to borrow their jumper box. as the salesman handed us the jumper box, he said he needed us to leave some collateral like a wallet, purse, etc. which makes perfect sense to BGA and myself and we started to reach for something to leave with him. except he was kidding! whaaa?!?! you mean you'll let us just walk off with this piece of equipment and trust that we'll bring it back?

BGA and i just looked at each other in disbelief. where the hell were we? ohhhhh, right. we're in the South.

crisis averted, we brought the food home and all sat down to dinner, during which we realized BGA has not seen any of the classic 80s movie e.g. Pretty in Pink, Better Off Dead, Breakfast Club, Princess Bride, Sixteen Candles, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Goonies, etc. since we had made a liquor and beer run, we decided to bunk down for the night and watch Goonies and Princess Bride.

p.s. Goonies drinking game. daeeebak.

p.p.s. BGA didn't like (and might even hate) Princess Bride! i know! INCONCEIVABLE!

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