Monday, April 18

Lady Gaga was right

meaning you should "just dance" as she tells you to.

HungryHungryHippo got me an amazing birthday present: Just Dance 2!

such a fun game! at first, felt a little self-conscious dancing on my own while TripleH and the cousins watched, but that feeling quickly passed. the moves are easy to follow but super fun and the Dance Battle mode was great to play against TripleH (i dominated the Dance Battle).

i highly recommend this game. i played it on and off with TripleH for the better part of an hour+ and by the end i had worked up a sweat and panting while laying on the floor in exhaustion. word of advice: don't dance to  "Jump Jump" by KrissKross unless you want to be in the same condition.

such a hilarious game to play with friends.and probably a great workout too. just to point out how out-of-shape/old i am, my arms and legs were sore the day after playing this game.

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