Tuesday, April 26

i'm with stupid.

so i just came off like a total idiot for about 15 minutes to a judge's law clerk.

i'd only been in the office for about 10 mins, sitting down to my half-bagel, cream cheese and lox with coffee, when i get a phone call from a judge's law clerk asking me about a summary judgment motion we filed 2 weeks ago.

huh? who? whatsit? where? my brain literally drew a blank as to what she was talking about. granted we're a third-party defendant so we're not the primary name on the caption when people usually quote the case. but i literally couldn't remember what we'd done or what our argument was. in the foggy recesses of my brain i vaguely recalled something... i had to put the poor law clerk on hold while i went through our office calendar to see what was on for the upcoming motion day. and as luck would have it, we have 5 cases up for hearing on April 29th. i scrambled to grab the file for the one i presumed it was (same plaintiff's name) only to have it be wrong. all the while leaving the law clerk on hold on the phone. SOOOO not a good idea.

finally got things sorted but it was more of an interactive process between me and her as i re-read what i had submitted and our attached exhibits and did a stream-of-consciousness-think-out-loud process of deduction to answer her question.

i guess i should count my blessings it was only Special Civil Part so the papers weren't too voluminous.

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