Monday, February 2


THE QUESTION: what is art?
SUBQUESTION: how do you feel about public a
CONTEXT: in this current eco
nomy and the cutting of the budget particularly in the arts, is art necessary? and when it comes to public art, where there are many instances of ppl having negative reactions to art in public spaces, should there be a formula for appropriate public art?

this was the question posed in my Law, Politics, and Personality seminar with Leonard Garment. someone's currently making an argument that there's a difference between "art that provokes with a message" vs. "art that just provokes." i don't agree with this statement. just like "one man's trash is another man's treasure" there can never be a blanket statement that there's only art that "provokes" without a message. i mean, maybe that's just me, but with content as subjective and varied as art (in all forms and media), i think it's hard to make such overly broad statements.

speaking of complex pieces of art (yes, this is a bit of a segue)Coleslaw has grown 1 year older. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLESLAW! and as with all birthdays, there's gotta be a party. i tend to look at birthdays as actually non-momentous occassions because it's really just another day and pales in comparison to what you've undergone for the year. however, a lot of birthdays have been back-to-back lately and it's made me think about mine coming up. this year's definitely felt like 1 rife with more internal battlings and circumstances and when i look at Coleslaw's last year, i think she's also come across a lot and had a lot of experiences. everything that happens to us changes us in some way, and the more momentous and eventful the year, the more you change, grow, and develop. yes, i know, this sounds like a Hallmark card, but there's definitely a degree of truth to it.

not that any
of that was reflected in the actual celebration. Six had made an Earl Grey infused vodka, which, if done properly, tastes delicious with lemonade or sprite and also her infamous sangria. i'd had it before, but never liked to eat the fruit (i swear, i'm gonna die of scurvy), but i ate some this time and the amount of rum steeped into that fruit is reedonkulous! every time i ate a piece my face would scrunch up and pucker but in a good way(?). everyone came over to pre-game a bit with Six's home-made beverages, and a rousing game of Kings ensued.

word of warning: never play Kings with Six if you're playing with waterfalls. that girl does not know when to stop! and as luck would have it, she was commonly the start of the waterfall or else close to the front.

next word of warning: never play Kings with sangria heavily infused with rum. it's quite dangerous, particularly when in conjunction with the above warning. Six got wasted before we even left the apartment. how wasted was she? she managed to break the heel to the boots i lent her before she even left the apartment. that's quite impressive.

Coleslaw's party was at Brazen (of cours
e) and she headed over first with Cubed while DRC and i finished our drinks. we couldn't have been more then 45 mins later than Coleslaw to the party, and when we showed up, Coleslaw seemed fine. by the time i got my beer and turned back to her, which was probably 15 mins, Coleslaw was sloshed. i mean completely. it was really surprising.
********i have to make a break in this entry to comment that someone in my class just used the word chutzpah*****************

the whole night i kept getting calls and texts from Oppa because he was attending the party of a guy he'd wanted to introduce me to. around 2 AM i raced over to the Park to go meet him, only to find out 2 crucial facts he had left out of the scenario: 1. Oppa was wasted; 2. the party was the birthday party of the guy he was introducing me to. so suffice it to say, the guy was pretty drunk. not the best 1st impression and not the best way to meet a guy. i love Oppa to death, but when he's drunk, he really will stop at nothing to get you to come out but then when you do, it's usually never really worth it.

i cut my losses and said "bye" after hanging with them for about an hour and half. what did perk up my night was what happened on my way out. outside of the Park i ran into Joebo. i've met him before, and we've hung out (sort of) but he's not usually that social or talkative (to me anyways). but perhaps he was a little drunk, but we ended having a pretty deep and philosophical conversation about the state of the economy and politics. altho Joebo's a Republican and conservative, luckily i don't get into a frenzy the way Egg does so the convo went pleasantly.

i did learn something interesting tho, that raised Joebo's status in my eyes. he had just recently dumped the girl he was seeing because she didn't know who Palin was. gotta give him props for that.

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